Coachella Affordable Housing

Oasis, California

Coachella Housing



This proposal attempts to address the urgent need for affordable housing for agricultural and service worker families in the Coachella Valley.

The proposal’s primary urban concept is a dense layout of multifamily apartments that use their orientation and massing to minimize sun exposure. The clustering of buildings shields apartment units from daytime sun and creates a network of narrow shaded streets that are comfortable for pedestrians and recreational activities. The landscape will consist of native vegetation and gravel coverage, which will provide a dramatic cooling effect in outdoor spaces.

Our goal is to harness the natural temperature fluctuations of the desert to produce pleasant indoor spaces that are passively cooled and heated without relying on costly mechanical systems that burn fossil fuel. By providing comfortable outdoor spaces there will be more pedestrians outside, fewer cars, better air quality, improved community interaction, and healthful living.

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Program: Housing
Team: Andre Guimond, Evan Erlebacher, Harry Lam
Status: Proposal
Year: 2016