M+ Pavilion

Kowloon, Hong Kong




The new M+ Art Pavilion has a privileged location, perched at the tip of Kowloon in a verdant park overlooking Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. Our design for the pavilion looks both inward to the exceptional exhibitions and events that serve its primary purpose, and outward to the breathtaking views of the harbor and surrounding park.

The design concept begins with five circles that fan into the landscape and organize the plan. The building perimeter is a simple geometry of curving glass panels that open up views from every vantage point. Deep structural louvers support the roof and control daylight penetration and heat gain. Their iridescent finish gently reflect blue hues from the harbor and greens from the park’s vegetation.

Program: Museum / Gallery
Client: West Kowloon Cultural District
Team: Andre Guimond, Evan Erlebacher
Status: Proposal
Year: 2013